Morse High School, Bath, Maine Class of 1965

Here we are, 50 years later!!


The Class of 1965, once the largest class to graduate from Morse, remains a class full of kindred spirits - remembering our years at Morse fondly and the friendships we made. As we begin to look at retirement and celebrating 50 years since graduation, we find that distances that separated us as youth no longer exist. Rather, there is great joy in building on our common past and renewing friendships and acquaintances. We hope you use this site to contact us or keep in touch and participate yourself in upcoming events and/or sharing any news of continuing milestones in your life or those of other classmates.   


During and since our time at Morse, we have seen and lived through


5 wars (4 hot and 1 cold)
10 Presidents (can you name them?)
  Tsunamis and earthquakes all over
Marriages and divorces
The Red Sox winning it all

The Patriots winning it all
The Interstate Highway system completed
Kent State
Mount St Helens
The Beatles
Cuban Missile Crisis
Iran hostages
The Internet, computers, cell phones, I phones/pads etc

President Kennedy assassination

Berlin Wall going up and coming down

Neil Armstrong on the moon

The Space Shuttle